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House for Rent Escondido540 viewsThe house is located at the north end of Hidden Meadow.
Nov 1 2007
Plato Sunset539 viewsSunset on the Crater Plato
Telescope: 12” Meade SCT f10 @ f10+
Mount: LX 200
Camera: Phillips 840 Web Cam
Location: Escondido Ca (my driveway in Hidden Meadows)

NGC 3521535 viewsLight Buckets Data
Click on image for larger version
14x3 Min
Lagoon Nebula534 viewsM8
Telescope: Orion 120mm F5
Mount: Meade LXD-55
Camera: SBIG 2000
Where: Escondido, CA
Date: September 27, 2005
Family of Quail.jpg
California Quail533 viewsCamera: Panosonic DMC-FZ10
Location: Escondido, CA
Date: December 25, 2003
Comet Holmes 7:30 UT 11/11/2007533 viewsOptics-Discovery 8" f5 @f6 and Takahashi 60mm @f5.9 with Red.
Camera-Sbig 11000
Camera-Canon Rebel XT
Exposure-10x10 min no filter color 1x10min with Canon and Takahashi 60mm
Location-Blair Valley Ca.
Date: 7:30 UT Nov. 11 2007
M08532 viewsTelescope: 200mm Nikkor f4 @ f4
Mount: Takashi NJP
Camera:Sbig 2000xm
Exposure: Ha filter 45min
Location: Escondido Ca (my driveway in Hidden Meadows)
Mt. Gorgonio October Snow530 viewsThis picture was taken 62 miles to the south of Mt. Gorgonio
The houses in the forground are about 15 miles away.
This was taken with a Nikon D100 and a TV85 lens
600mm F7 and was made by "stacking" 25 pictures on top of each other
RA with Gurley Encoder for "Tick Management"528 viewsThis is not the standard “periodic error correction.” It is a real-time tracking correction for both periodic AND non-periodic errors. This approach is called “tick management”
Cottage Living Room527 viewsWood floors, lake stone fireplace, beautiful views from every window.
Clouds 8/16/04526 viewsClouds formed on warm humid August Day
Taken from near the San Diego Wild Animal Park
Panasonic DMZ-FC10
Comet 2001cq4521 viewsTelescope:105mm Nikkor
Mount: Takashi NJP
Camera:Sbig 2000xm
Exposure: 28 Min
Location: Escondido
This was shot from Driveway and there was a
lot of light in the direction of the picture
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