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Moon showing Libration500 viewsPictures taken 13.5 days apart showing libration (in both dirctions) and a change in size.
The Moon’s rotation period is equal to the time for the Moon to orbit around the Earth one time, thus it always has the same side facing the Earth. There are however three major sources of Lunar Libration that allow us to see more of the Moon.
1. East- West Libration-The Moon has an elliptical orbit about the Earth, when the moon is closer to the Earth it speeds up and when it is farther away it slows down. This allows us to see a bit farther in the east-west direction.
2. North-South Libration-The Moon's orbit is tilted to the ecliptic plane and to the Earth's equator. This allows us to see a bit more in the north-south direction as the orientation changes.
3. Slight East-West-North-South Libration- The location on the Earth that the Moon is being observed from causes a slight shift in what part of the Moon is visible. If you are at the poles you get a little help in the North –South direction and if look at the Moon in the Evening vs. the morning you see a bit more in the East-West direction.
Bob And Auggie499 viewsBob Standing next to a Meade 12" Lx 200
Auggie standing next to his 8" Discovery on a Meade mount
Comet Holmes 9:30 UT 11/11/2007499 viewsOptics-8" f5 @f6
Camera-Sbig 11000
Exposure-3x1min RGB
Location-Blair Valley Ca.
Date: 9:30 UT Nov. 11 2007
Almost Total Eclipse498 viewsTV 85
600mm f7
Nikon D100
A 30inch scope498 views
Abell 2666498 views11x5min 8" f6 Sbig 11000
Palomar 9/4/2010
Ha 3/21/04497 viewsSolar Max 90
Nikon D100
stack of 16 exp.
Taken at LBV 3/21/04
Bluestreak Cleaner Wrasse497 views
M33495 viewsTelescope: Discovery 8” f5 with Tele Vue STL coma corrector
Mount: Takahashi NJP
Camera: Sbig 11000
Exposure: luminance 19x10min no filter RGB 6x10min each filter binned
Filters: RGB-Astronomik
Location:Escondido Ca (our driveway)
M27494 viewsDumbbell Nebula
Telescope: Meade LXD-75 8"
Mount: Meade LX200 Classic eq
Camera: SBIG 2000-XM
Where: Escondido, CA
Date: November 19-20, 2005

This is my first color image.
Rocket Just after 2nd Stage493 views
Akumal6493 views
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