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M1465 viewsQuick run through of new M1 data taken with the 24" Light Buckets Telescope
Color from my scope
There appears to be some blobs on the Light Bucket data

4x2min Lum 24" Alta U42
4x5min Lum 24"
4x10min Ha 24"
FWHM about 2.7"

9x5min Red 13" SBIG 11000
8x5min Green 13"
7x5min Blue 13 "
FWHM about 3.1"
Horse Head-Flame Nebula454 viewsTelescope: Discovery 8 f5 with Tele Vue STL coma corrector
Mount: Takahashi NJP
Camera: Sbig 11000
Exposure: Luminace 7x10min RGB 10min each binned 2x2 (poor conditions cut the exposures)
Filters: RGB-Astronomik
Location: Anza Borrago
Akumal2450 views
Akumal3439 views
Rosette Nebula435 viewsTelescope: Takahashi E-160
Mount: Takahashi NJP
Camera:Rebel XT
Exposure:10x10min ISO 800 (unguided)
Location: Palomar
M82411 viewsTest of M82 section of larger M81/82 picture
Combine1alm65ddl copy.jpg
Leo Trio M65 M66 NGC3628403 viewsLeo Triplet Click on image for full size
Telescope: Celestron 10" f4.7 with Coma Cor.
Mount: Takahashi NJP
Camera: SBIG 11000
Where: Palomar Upper Meadow
Date: 3/28-29/2009
Exposure Time: 23x600sec
M45394 views25x2min Canon Rebel 350D
Celestron Comet Catcher
From my driveway
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