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Milky Way May 2011 Explore the Stars914 views4x10 min 16mm lens Sbig 11000Jun 12, 2011
M 33 XX.jpg
M33 Wood755 views17x5min sbig 4000 color
Dark subtract-Flat Boxcar
color convert1:1:1
Sigma combine
Stretch in Photoshop and cut down the blue
Oct 12, 2010
Abell 2666581 views11x5min 8" f6 Sbig 11000
Palomar 9/4/2010
Sep 09, 2010
NGC 6231553 viewsVery bright cluster at Mag. 3.4 but only gets to be 15 Deg. above the horizon
Telescope:Takahashi E 160 F3.3
Mount: Takahashi NJP
Camera: Sbig 11000
Exposure: RGB 3x5min
Filters: RGB-Astronomik
Location: Palomar Mountain
Jul 13, 2010
m16-17 no align502 viewsTwo images combined with no align one taken 11:30pm the next taken 1:55amJul 09, 2010
What is it?1300 viewsNGC 3521 March 18 2010Mar 20, 2010
North Star533 viewsRaw 16 bit Tiff
Click on the image above.
Save the new opened image and or open in Photoshop.
Adjust the stretch to show the double star
Mar 19, 2010
NGC 3521741 viewsLight Buckets Data
Click on image for larger version
14x3 Min
Mar 19, 2010
3x15min Ha 18x3min lum 25" RC975 viewsSample stretched too far but shows background
This is only stretched
Mar 09, 2010
Dec Thor's Helmut Run535 viewsUnknown artifact? Notice it is in the same position but the background stars move.
Image on the left is a stack of the 2min exposures with no alignment.
Image on the right is a stack of 5 min exposures also with no alignment.
Aligning on the stars smears the artifact.
Mar 07, 2010
M1465 viewsQuick run through of new M1 data taken with the 24" Light Buckets Telescope
Color from my scope
There appears to be some blobs on the Light Bucket data

4x2min Lum 24" Alta U42
4x5min Lum 24"
4x10min Ha 24"
FWHM about 2.7"

9x5min Red 13" SBIG 11000
8x5min Green 13"
7x5min Blue 13 "
FWHM about 3.1"
Dec 18, 2009
North American 3d480 viewsJust for fun. Stars moved in photoshop.Sep 16, 2009
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